Our Firm


The Silverdale Group was established in London (UK) & Geneva (Switzerland) in the year 2000 as a boutique Asset Management firm and an Investment Bank.

By using innovative ideas and approach, we created off-shore credit derivatives market for mid-cap companies, inter alia, converting un-utilized bank credit limits of domestic banks into Credit Default Swap (CDS) issued by offshore banks. As a result, Silverdale UK became the world’s leading investment bank, by number of transactions, for Indian convertibles. In the ensuing years, Silverdale UK channelised  over US$ 4 billion of investments in emerging markets of Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and UAE. It also invested over US$ 250 million for controlling stake in joint ventures with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & Lehman Brothers.

In 2008, Silverdale Capital was established in Singapore. In 2010, we re-oriented the group to focus exclusively on fund management, divesting all other businesses.

We have two families of funds: Sri Silverdale Opportunities Fund, Mauritius, and Silverdale Fund SPC, Cayman Islands hold a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License No. CMS100511-1 from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for fund management (AILFMC). 

Silverdale Bond Fund, Silverdale Fixed Income Fund, Silverdale India Fund of native Indian Equity Funds, Silverdale Fixed Maturity Fund as well as Silverdale Bespoke Funds exclusively for Family Offices, Independent Asset Managers, Private Banks and increasingly, institutional investors etc. 

Our Values


Integrity is what we do when nobody is observing us


Innovation is only as good as the good it creates for our society



We are trustees of our investors’ wealth; we owe to report to them fairly and timely

Risk Management

Any system could fail when it fails, we should be able to safeguard investor assets.

What We Do

We are fund managers, we manage funds.

We leverage our superior understanding of market opportunities to create performance-driven funds. We also create end-to-end fund management solutions to meet specific needs of our investors.

Our primary investment asset class is investment grade, short duration, emerging markets, US dollar bonds. The key risk while investing in fixed income securities is the Redemption Risk which is primarily determined by issuer’s ‘Ability to Pay’ and his ‘Willingness to Pay’. Our key tool for management of Redemption Risk is our proprietary Cash Flow Modeling based on Real Fungible Cash (not accounting cash flow provided by Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.). This is our edge, which has induced savvy accredited and institutional investors to invest in our funds.

Typically, bond fund managers use credit filters such as credit rating of bonds, duration, YTM, etc. to short-list the bonds to invest into. We too use credit filters, except that we have sophisticated software, and proprietary modules / algorithm to assist us. We also have in-house lawyers to help review bond covenants, and adjunct payment waterfalls.

We believe that returns are not in our hands (being determined by the capital markets), and that the secret of our relative out-performance, consistent returns, and low volatility, is our superior risk-management. 

Our Team

The Silverdale Team consists of highly qualified professionals with over 100 man-years of experience in investment research, investment management and risk management. The team is led by Sanjay Guglani, who is supported by world-class infrastructure and an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced Investment Analysts and Professionals.

Sanjay Guglani

Founder & CIO

Sanjay Guglani is the Founder and CIO of Silverdale Funds, and CEO of Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd, which is licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore for fund management company – accredited investors (AILFMC).

Aseem Arora


Aseem Arora is President of Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd,  leading the overall business strategy and development activities. He has over 27 years of rich leadership experience in private banking & wealth management with Merrill Lynch, Citibank, and Bank of Singapore.

Deepika Guglani

Executive Director & COO

Deepika Guglani is the Director and COO of Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd, responsible for operational strategy and provides oversight on all operational functions including accounting, internal control, and human resources.

Mohini Singh

AVP, Business Development & Client Relations

Mohini Singh is responsible for business development and client relations and has has been part of the Silverdale growth journey for over 5 years. She has been instrumental in marketing the funds to private banks, distributors, external asset managers, family offices in Singapore, India and Middle East. 


Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd has been recognized and awarded by various financial institutions