Bespoke Funds are custom-made funds with ring-fenced asset structure i.e. legally segregated portfolios which result in higher risk-adjusted return using award winning fund management expertise, institutional cost of funding, prime brokerage arrangements, tax efficiency (bond interest becoming “tax-free” dividend income). These are ideal for Fixed Maturity Plans, Leveraged Deposits, Leveraged Delta Notes, Leveraged CLNs, etc.

Bespoke funds are cost effective structure for setting up family office(s) in Singapore


We offer bespoke investment management with assets being held in investor’s name, with complete control yet better returns: economies of scale, world class risk management and as per client mandate.

Silverdale Special Suite for Private Banks, EAMs & Family Offices includes:

  • Single Stock Financing
  • Creating liquidity without giving-up control
  • Access to most local markets in Asia, Europe & Middle East
  • Non-recourse leverage: without personal guarantee, through Special Purposes Vehicles (SPV), Total Return Swap, Leveraged Delta Note, etc.
  • Segregation of assets avoiding cross pledge or personal guarantee for (new) businesses, Leveraged Delta Notes, etc.
  • Regulated fund for NexGen wealth transfer, tax efficient structure for transfer of wealth to the next generation

Value Proposition


  • Absolute control over assets
  • 100% transparency of each (dis)investment with right to veto
  • Right to take-over the management at any time
  • Confidentiality of investor details

Higher Returns

  • Tax Efficiency13U tax exemption on all investment income (without $500k expenses / S$ 20m assets) + over 90 DTAA
  • Ring-fenced leverage on very competitive terms
  • Continuous review and portfolio (re)balancing without conflict of interest

Lower Costs

  • Dedicated professionals with undivided focus on investments
  • Time amortized fee structure: a pay-as-you-go-model
  • More investment opportunities and better sourcing: Silverdale proprietary models
  • Economies of scale

Structure Comparison

  Off-shore SPV Trust Structure Fund Structure
Tax efficiency (Legally) No No Yes
Direction & control Yes No (without loosing trust benefits) Professional +
Change in beneficiary Yes Very Cumbersome Easy
Multiple holding structures No No Yes; Club deals
Cross-contamination risk No High No
Non-Recourse borrowings No No Yes
Operational dependency No Personal Legislative + Institutionalized
Operational cost Low High Relatively Low
Transparency Contradictory Multi-Layering Controlled