TreasuryInvest Solution

Complementing and empowering corporate treasury

About TreasuryInvest

Silverdale TreasuryInvest Solution Suite compliments and empowers corporate treasury to optimize treasury returns without sacrificing liquidity needs and capital preservation objectives


 Silverdale TreasuryInvest is customised for each client to match the exact needs of the corporation:

  • Refurbishing Investment Portfolios: Mitigating MTM losses in HTM portfolios;
  • Silverdale TreasuryInvest Core Solution: Creating laddered bond portfolio dynamically adjusting to continuously changing fund-flow planning, fortified with on-demand liquidity;
  • Ring-fenced Investment Holding Vehicles – Using bankruptcy remote structures for new venture funding, avoiding reputational risks, having differential voting rights, etc.
  • OCIO – Capitalizing on investment experts for strategic allocation

 Each treasury solution is curated based on corporate needs and risk profile.

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We work with platforms, institutions, and family offices for these customized TreasuryInvest solutions.

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