Silverdale Asia Bond Fund

A diversified portfolio of primarily investment grade short duration US dollar bonds that is actively managed for consistent returns.

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Investment Objective

Silverdale Asia Bond Fund is actively managed for stable returns and quarterly dividend distribution; the portfolio duration is kept low to manage interest rate risks and credit risks.

Key Advantages

  • Investment grade (min. 80%)
  • Short duration (2-3 years)
  • Low volatility
  • Excellent returns of 3% - 5% p.a.
  • No forex risk (US dollars only)
  • Quarterly dividend
  • Liquid open-ended fund with easy weekly subscription/redemption
  • State-of-the-art risk management system using proprietary cash flow modelling
  • As interest rates go up, performance is likely to improve due to short re-investment period
  • Strong track record of over 4 years

Portfolio Characteristics

Data as of 24/06/2022

Investment Grade Bonds

Fund Information

Share ClassesISIN
USD (Accumulation) SGXZ12256509
USD (Distribution) SGXZ92922509
SGD (Accumulation) SGXZ56481666
SGD (Distribution) SGXZ84228246
Fund Silverdale Asia Bond Fund
ACRA Regn No T20VC0123D-SF005
MAS SRS No 20OV6WK1210
Umbrella Fund Silverdale Fund VCC
Country of Domicile Singapore
Fund Currencies USD / SGD
Strategy Inception DateA 9 September 2010
Management Fee 0.25% p.a.^^
Weekly NAV Launch Date 19 August 2013
Sub-fund Launch Date 1 February 2021
NAV Frequency Weekly (Friday)*
Subscription / Redemption Weekly (Monday)*
Last Quarterly Dividend US$ 0.7500 per share
Next Quarterly Dividend Approx 3% p.a.#
Previous Dividend Date 24 June 2022
Next Dividend Date 30 September 2022

The NAV performance is computed taking: 1 month = 4 weeks, 3 months = 13 weeks, 6 months = 26 weeks, 9 months = 39 weeks, and 12 months = 52 weeks; where attributable NAV is not available, the latest available NAV is taken for computation. NAV prior to 15 October 2021 is based on NAV of Sri Silverdale Opportunities Fund (Class-J) managed by the same fund management team without change in strategy. The payment of Dividend results in equivalent amount of drop in the NAV of the Fund
(*) Assuming to be a Business Day.
(#) Indicative
(^) Based on AUM; Credit Rating is based on best of the three ratings (S&P/Moodys/Fitch); Rating exposure of less than 3% has been clubbed as "Others"; unless otherwise specified. Sector exposure of less than 3% has been clubbed as 'Others'; unless otherwise specified. Country exposure of less than 3% has been clubbed as 'Others'; unless otherwise specified.
(^^) Till 29th Dec 2023, thereafter 0.50% p.a.
(A) Initially launched as part of multi assets fund with quarterly NAV.

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