Silverdale Credit Opportunities Fund

An actively managed, uunconstrained bond fund targeting mid-teen returns primarily through opportunistic investment arbitrage and relative value trades.


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Investment Objective

Silverdale Credit Opportunities Fund seeks to generate alpha through deep dive fundamental research, relative value strategies capturing market dislocation and capital structure arbitrage. The fund allocates capital dynamically across strategies with robust risk management

Key Advantage

  • Absolute return, unconstrainted strategy
  • Opportunistic use of leverage
  • Robust risk managememt
  • Performance-based fee with: 15% beyond hurdle
  • Low management fees of 0.70% p.a.

Portfolio Characteristics

Data as of 24/11/2023

Risk Metrics
Value at Risk (95%) -1M 3.34%
Max Drawdown -8.21%
Voaltility (Annualised) 14.57
Sharpe Ratio -0.33

Holdings By Strategy
Upgrade/Buyback 11.1%
Relative Value 48.9%
Special Situation / Event Driven 21.8%
Short Duration Arbitrage 10.8%
Distressed 0.2%
Equity / Convertible 0.0%
Others 7.2%

Fund Statistics
Yield to Maturity
Average Coupon
Average Duration
Average Securities Price

Fund Information

Fund Silverdale Credit Opportunities Fund
ACRA Registration No T20VC0123D-SF004
Umbrella Fund Silverdale Fund VCC
Domicile Singapore
Fund Currency USD
Launch Date 25 Mar 2022
NAV Frequency Monthly (Friday)*
Subscription / Redemption Restricted
Dividend Frequency TBD
Distribution Class SGXZ55398275

(*) Assuming to be a Business Day. (#) Indicative (^) Based on gross investments into securities. Credit Rating is based on best of the three ratings (S&P/Moodys/Fitch)

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