Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income)

A diversified portfolio of open-ended US dollar denominated enhanced-returns fund investing in fixed income funds

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Investment Objective

Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income) is actively managed for stable returns and half-yearly distribution. It is an open-ended US dollar denominated, enhanced return fund investing in fixed income funds. Silverdale Fund of Funds aims to generate superior returns that are more predictable and unhindered by the constraints of a traditional benchmark, while enhancing investors' returns by using leverage.

Key Advantages

  • Open-ended, no lock-in
  • Diversified portfolio of fixed income funds
  • Enhanced returns
  • Non-recourse financing
  • No fund house bias
  • Half-yearly dividend distribution of ~6% p.a.

Fund Information

Fund Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income)
ACRA Regn No T20VC0123D-SF007
Umbrella Fund Silverdale Fund VCC
Domicile Singapore
Launch Date 8 Feb 2021
Maturity Date 23 May 2025
Fund Currency US Dollar
NAV Computation Monthly (Friday)
Subscription / Redemption Monthly (Monday)
Dividend 6% pro-rata p.a.
Dividend Frequency Half-yearly
Previous Dividend Date 25 Jun 2021
Next Dividend Date 31 December 2021
Management Fee 0.50% p.a.

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