Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income)
A diversified portfolio of open-ended US dollar denominated enhanced-returns fund investing in fixed income funds

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Investment Objective

Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income) is actively managed for stable returns and half-yearly distribution. It is an open-ended US dollar denominated, enhanced return fund investing in fixed income funds. Silverdale Fund of Funds aims to generate superior returns that are more predictable and unhindered by the constraints of a traditional benchmark, while enhancing investors' returns by using leverage.

Key Advantage

  • Open-ended, no lock-in
  • Diversified portfolio of fixed income funds
  • Enhanced returns
  • Non-recourse financing
  • No fund house bias
  • Half-yearly dividend distribution of ~6% p.a.

Portfolio Characteristics

Data as of 28/07/2023

Fund Information

Fund Silverdale Fund of Funds (Fixed Income)
ACRA Registration No T20VC0123D-SF007
Umbrella Fund Silverdale Fund VCC
Domicile Singapore
Fund Currency USD
Launch Date 8 February 2021
NAV Frequency Weekly (Friday)*
Subscription Daily
Redemption Weekly (Monday)*
Management Fee 0.50% p.a.

The NAV performance is computed taking: 1 month = 4 weeks, 3 months = 13 weeks, 6 months = 26 weeks, 9 months = 39 weeks, and 1 Year = 52 weeks.
(*) Assuming to be a Business Day.
(#) Indicative
(^) Based on data from Bloomberg on the date of publication of this factsheet; Excluding the securities for which there in no ratings classification in Bloomberg; The underlying investee funds report their full holdings with a lag, typically 3 months or may not disclose the full holdings in which case the attributes of the fund are taken as reported by Bloomberg; All the attributes & exposures are based on Gross Investments which excludes cash, if any; Credit Rating is based on best of the three ratings (S&P/Moodys/Fitch)

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