Silverdale Fixed Maturity Fund 2023
A diversified portfolio of primarily investment grade short duration US dollar bonds, actively managed for enhanced returns, using ring-fenced leverage.

Distribution NAV

Accumulation NAV

YTD Return

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Investment Objective

To generate superior return that is more predictable and unhindered by the constraints of a traditional bond benchmark, while enhancing investor return by using leverage. The fund is managed for fixed maturity around 24 November 2023

Key Advantage

  • Attractive leveraged yield of circa 7% p.a.**
  • Fixed term of circa 3 years**
  • Internally financed to enhance investor returns
  • Capitalizing on Silverdale Fund House capability of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns

Relative Return Matrix

For the period 28 September 2020 - 24 November 2023


Fund / Indices Returns 
Silverdale Fixed Maturity Fund 2023 23.70% 7.00%
3-year US Treasury 0.45% 0.14%
Bloomberg US Corporate High Yield Index 8.24% 2.54%
Bloomberg US Corporate Investment Grade Index (11.89%) (3.93%)
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index (17.03%) (5.74%)

For Silverdale Fund, annualized return is based on XIRR while for indices it is annualization of total return of the index during the said period.

Fund Information

Fund Silverdale Fixed Maturity Fund 2023
ACRA Registration No T20VC0123D-SF003
Umbrella Fund Silverdale Fund VCC
Domicile Singapore
Fund Currency USD
Launch Date 28 September 2020
Maturity Date 24 November 2023
NAV Frequency Monthly (Friday)*
Subscription / Redemption Closed
Dividend Paid US$ 11.00 per share
Dividend Frequency Half-yearly
Last Dividend Date 30 June 2023

(*) Assuming to be a Business Day
(**) At inception

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