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On Thursday, 17 June 2021, SIlverdale Capital, in collaboration with the People’s Association, participated in the “Project We Care E-mpower Me Week 2021”.

Mr Sanjay Guglani, Chief Investment Officer of Silverdale Bond Fund, explained how to invest for regular income, covered the basics of investments and very importantly, how to “make your money work harder for you”. The event coached the 100-strong audience on the basics of personal finance in order to achieve good “personal finance hygiene”, and armed them with the basics of investing; thereby empowering them to confidently convert their savings into investments, resulting in additional life-long income stream. Regardless of participants’ level of financial literacy, the presentation was enriching would will provide valuable and actionable investing takeaways for everyone.

We are very excited and for the opportunity to “E-mpower” the community, and sincerely thank People’s Association for giving us this opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with the very society that has nurtured us.