We are delighted to share that Mr. Sanjay Guglani, Founder & CIO, Silverdale Funds moderated the panel on “Which EM opportunities should you capitalize in your portfolio to diversify your investments and generate greater returns” at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit APAC 2023 on the 22nd of November 2023.

The panel was divided on the recession outlook but were unanimous that given the slowdown, yields are looking very attractive and fixed income is back in vogue!
The macroeconomic outlook gap between developed markets and emerging markets is reducing in particular: India and Indonesia benefit from reshoring; countries going into re-elections will benefit from a boost in fiscal spending; and be cautious of China’s property sector.

A special kudos to Suhana, Yaroslava, and the team who were able to bring together distinguished speakers resulting in very productive discussions!

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Team Silverdale