On 12 February 2022, Silverdale Capital CIO, Sanjay Guglani, took part in the Annual Business Leadership Summit 2022 organized by IIM Shillong in a panel discussion as a key panelist. The discussion focused around two key topics. (1) The business landscape of the Asian emerging market and (2) Sustainable investing as a theme and its impact on investment decision making in the next decade.During the discussion, Sanjay shared his views as an industry practitioner on the above topics about how these trends ultimately roll up into various investment decisions and strategies that Silverdale Capital chooses to opt for.Some reflective thoughts from Sanjay post the event.“It was really heartening to see intense participation and interaction by all the students. Their intellectual curiosity came really shining through. Having been an investment professional for most of my life, I cannot emphasis enough that the best investment one can make is in knowledge and learning. And it was humbling to have the opportunity to be that “investment” vehicle for them. I hope that all of you experienced “superior returns” that day. It has been my pleasure to attempt to satiate your hunger for knowledge. Nurturing is one of the core values of Silverdale and this “investment” vehicle is open-ended.We hope that the sharing was insightful and that participants, particularly, the students, had great takeaways from the session. Most importantly, we hope that we were able to ignite newer perspectives in the students; helping them to grow more inquisitive about the financial industry.Finally, special thanks to the organizing team for making the event run so smoothly and successfully.For any enquiries, please kindly reach out to us at [email protected] Thank you,Team Silverdale