Silverdale Fixed Maturity Fund 2021 is a diversified portfolio of primarily investment grade short duration US dollar bonds, actively managed for enhanced returns, using ring-fenced leverage.

Investment Objective

To generate superior returns that is more predictable and unhindered by the constraints of a traditional bond benchmark, while enhancing investor returns by using leverage.

Key Advantage

  • Target Returns of around 8%
  • Internally Leveraged, with no recourse to the investor
  • Short Duration, increasing fund predictability while reducing interest rate sensitivity and portfolio volatility
  • Quality Assets, with minimum 75% of portfolio having “Investment Grade” credit rating by S&P, Moody’s or Fitch
  • Half-yearly Dividend distribution of 7.50% p.a.; the Fund reserves the right to pay higher pay-outs.
  • Over-weight to emerging markets credit since Emerging Market credit offers attractive yield pick up over developed market credit
  • Only US dollar portfolio, with no Emerging Market currency risk
  • Unhindered by the constraints of a traditional bond benchmark
  • Professional Team with strong experience of managing fixed income strategies
  • Time-tested proprietary cash-flow modelling for award winning credit selection and analysis

Portfolio Attribution

Rating Profile

Maturity Profile

Geographical Profile

Sectoral Profile


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